About The Camp

Is There a Cure?

Is it a dream? Is it a flower?
Does it grow in a water tower?
Can it be seen? Can it be heard?
How is it that we are cured?
Is it here? Is it here now?
If so, please stand and bow.
Does it help washing
with water and soap?
If you ask me, I'd say the answer is hope.
With hope's help, we'll find it together
Hope can search time and weather
If you want to help, don't tghten your collar
Send us a penny, send us a dollar
For without money, kids are denied
Then they must live in fear and hide
So help out a camper
Hold out your hand
Then your name will be loved in
Camp Heartland

- Nile, camper age 12


Please be Mine,
Oh Valentine
I promise to be true
Peek inside, and you
will find a
wish I wrote for you!

- Tricia, age 12


It's been six and a half months
since I lost my sister
I would do anything to get her back
I loved her dearly.
We had so much fun, together
When you lose a person you grew up with -
a person who taught you how to count and tie your shoes
and just about everything else - well -
I love my sister so much.
My whole family misses her.
I just want Bernie to know that we are thinking of about her -
we will never forget her.

- Kimberley, age 12