Camp Pacific Heartland News
The Speakers Series, Camp Heartland's public awareness campaign, spreads the spirit and message of Camp Heartland to their communities. When my 16 year old niece came to visit from London, I brought her to one of Neil Wilenson's "Journey of Hope" talks at a local school.

I'd assumed that my niece, a young and bright teenager living in a cosmopolitan city, would know all about AIDS. I was dismayed to find that her impressions were based only on stereotypical misconceptions of the disease. But her impressions were changed after a fun-filled camp visit during Carnival Night. My niece was surprised to learn that young, active children can have AIDS. She had seen a new face of HIV/AIDS, and as a result began to understand so much more about it. To me, that's one of the most important values of CPH.
- Gemma Dempsey 

Camp Pacific Heartland flourishes through the generous donations, of both time and money, from caring individuals. We also have been very fortunate to have been the recipients of grants from various foundations. We would like to thank the following for their financial support in 1997:

  • Children Affected by AIDS Foundation 
  • Federated Foundation
  • Harry Levine Memorial Foundation
  • Whitney Houston Foundation For Children
  • Carole & Robert Daly Charitable Foundation
  • Kasdan Family Foundation
  • Lyn & Norman Lear Foundation
  • Joseph Brown Foundation
  • Bennett Foundation
  • GTR & B Charitable Foundation
  • West Hollywood Fundraisers, Inc.
  • Permanent Charities Committee
  • Loucheim Foundation
  • The Patrick Foundation
  • The American Express Bank, Ltd.
  • American Express Foundation
  • American Express Travel Related Services Co., Inc.
  • American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.
  • Fred Hayman Family Foundation