What We Do

With winter rains and colder nights, summer might seem pretty far away right now. But think how far away it might seem to a child affected by HIV/AIDS who has never had the chance to experience all the fun summer camp offers. We know of at least 100 children who are looking forward to a special camp just for them this summer - they just need your help to get there.

Camp Pacific Heartland, a non-profit organization, dedicates itself to providing children and adolescents affected by HIV/AIDS with the opportunity to go to a place once a year where they can make new friends, increase their self-esteem, talk about their fears and feelings, and perhaps for the first time in their lives, learn what it is like to be embraced rather than rejected. That place is Camp Hilltop, located on the majestic Malibu slopes overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Last summer, through the Camp Pacific Heartland over one hundred from Los Angeles and other parts of the country were able to enjoy an unforgettable week of laughter, joy and friendship at the Camp Hilltop location. A team of dedicated volunteers and staff, including counselors, healthcare professionals and even a few celebrities, spent their time at the campsite, devoting themselves to the Pacific session of The Camp Heartland Project, the largest AIDS camping and care program in the United States.

As you can imagine though, the duties of the Camp Pacific Heartland organization don't begin and end in just one week. Throughout the year, volunteers work to raise money for the camp with special events, grant writing, corporate donations and letter campaigns. We also foster awareness and AIDS prevention through Camp Heartland's "Journey of Hope" educational speaker series. The Journey of Hope enables camp alumni and staff to visit local high schools and colleges to talk to students about AIDS.

So it may seem like winter will never end, but the warm breezes and endless sunshine are on their way - and so is Camp Pacific Heartland's sixth summer session. We need to raise at least $150,000 so that the more than 100 children waiting to apply can go to camp in Malibu, free of charge, with full medical care and all of the activities healthy kids enjoy. Campers are selected without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, financial ability or cause of HIV infection.

Summer is on its way - help us make it the most spectacular ever for the children of Camp Pacific Heartland! All donations can be sent to: Camp Pacific Heartland, 5358 Cartwright Ave. North Hollywood, CA. 91601