Looking Back - and Forward!

"I want to do something for kids with AIDS – something like a…like a camp." David Gale’s kernel of an idea in the spring of 1994 has certainly blossomed into a full blown successful charity. He started simply enough, calling old friends and co-workers like us and researching who on earth could provide the kind of magical experience we were looking for.

He found Camp Heartland, and we all set to work, creating a small and vibrant family of volunteers and pulling – out of thin air it sometimes seemed – the money and resources we needed to host those first 60 kids at Camp Hilltop, (which is owned and operated by Wilshire Blvd. Temple) way up in Malibu. We snuck in a lot of CPH work at our "real jobs" – thank goodness for studio copiers – never guessing we would be turning people away at our very first fundraising event – a sold-out concert at local club Luna Park (1995) and starting a party tradition with our screening party of SUNSET BLVD (‘96) at Paramount. (GREASE ‘97, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER ‘98, CASABLANCA ’99 and coming up in June 2000, THE STING )

We wrote hundreds, thousands of letters and people responded. Angels at CAA gave us the Warped Tour sponsorship and we quickly learned how to write grants and find silent auction items. We’ve gotten the hang of most of this by now, but are still always searching for new ways to fund our ever expanding organization.

Sometimes, we have to admit, it was hard to remember what it was all for and then late summer would arrive bringing dozens of shrieking, laughing kids to Malibu. If you haven’t been up to camp (or not been lucky enough to stay there for a few days sharing cabin space with pesky bugs and friendly staff) you may not understand why its so important to keep CPH going. So give us a call, come to THE STING party, browse through this website. You’ll see for yourself how amazing the past five years have been – and how much we know can happen in the future!

Lisa Cavanaugh, Executive Director
Mary Holdridge, Vice President